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PLAGIARISM CHECKING we have tools like Turnitin, Ex Plagiarism for the process of plagiarism. As well as, Grammar Checking. To be sure, it checks whether content is copied. To begin with, if plagiarism checking as a separate service is taken we assure it to be less than 10%. At the same time, we modify change alter the content to make it to that extent. Particularly, if we take up the writing service we have content of originality. As well as, novelty but still this would be checked and verified. Therefore, our developers have strategy in selecting innovative tools.

GRAMMAR CHECKING Our specialists will find each sentence in a text look up each word in the dictionary. As well as, effort to evaluate the sentence into a form that matches a grammar checking. Specially, we also assist our scholars with this service for the content provided to us by them: - Identification and correction of grammar mistakes - Sentence corrections - Error in meaning and content - Paragraphing

PROOF READING Proof reading is an additional service which is provided to our Scholars. In fact, this is taken as a separate service for content provided by scholar also. However, this feature includes scrutiny of the subject. In that case, whether there is a need to paraphrase the original content. In case, if so the meaning of idea must not change as well

Topic selection

SCOPE & PRICE SERVICE SCOPE: • Originality with different ideas and individual research styles • Finding an edge to work on - Choosing a topic that YOU are passionate about • Developing an idea by Investigate old ideas • Start small - consider several ideas • Keep your topic to the point - one central research question • 300-500 words of description of topic including aims and objectives. TOPIC SUGGESTION TIMELINE • 2-3 Days delivery TOPIC + SHORT PROPOSAL TIMELINE • 4-5 Days delivery OTHERS: • Topic + short proposal includes details like methodology type, usage of tools/software’s etc
Research proposal SCOPE & PRICE SERVICE SCOPE: • Title and abstract - A preliminary title and summary of what you are going to cover in your research proposal • Introduction- Topic area, Research question and Significance to knowledge • Literature review - Previous research, Interlocking findings and Unanswered questions & knowledge of the main research achievements in study along with key references • Research problem, aim and objectives • Research methodology – Approach, Data needs, Analytic techniques& Plan for interpreting results • Ethical considerations - ethics of conducting research in your area and outline some key ethical aspects • impact of their research studies. • Gnatt chart and References - specify all the references at the end of the proposal.
PHD Research Proposal SUGGESTION TIMELINE • 3-4 weeks’ delivery for 12-15 pages (250 words per page) Manuscript Service SCOPE & PRICE • Spelling, punctuation, & grammar • strengthen your responses to reviewers • Peer review & technical terminology & sentence structure • Perfect formatting in whatever style you need: APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, and all others • reference check • presentation style check (logic, clarity, & flow)
Each of our subject-expert editors: • is a native English speaker • has undergone substantial editing training and is continually reviewed for quality
Interpretaion & statistical analysis SCOPE & PRICE SERVICE SCOPE: • Define and Design – Depend on Primary data or doing secondary data analysis • Calculate sample size estimations • Justification of the sample size • Justification of the data collection methodology • Data aggregation, data cleaning • Preliminary screening- feasibility of the study, reliability & validity • Pivotal screening – conducting actual study • Fundamental analysis - Statistical Power, Test Assumptions, Missing Data, Measurement Tool Assessment – SPSS, STATA, R software • Evaluating hypothesis statistically – SEM/PLS, EFA, CFA analysis • Univariate Analysis, Bivariate Analysis and Multivariate Analysis • Parametric/Non-parametric statistical tests • Descriptive/ Inferential Statistics • Interpretation of the results

Research Paper Writing Services:

PhD Thesis / Dissertation Research proposal would be the first step for academic research at Doctoral Level. Moreover, it is the most important document for any researcher to start and execute the research. But students will have no idea on how to write this proposal. Here comes the Research proposal writing services for PhD research candidates.


RESEARCH PROPOSAL OR SYNOPSIS (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) The research proposal should define about the objective of the proposed study, as well as the methods and study design to achieve the objective required. The main target of a research proposal is to present and explain the need to study a research problem and to present the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. To get the proposed study going, it is highly essential that you develop it using persuasive language so your supervisors may understand your proposed idea and the way you would proceed on it. Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews. Preparing and writing down a research proposal is not a simple task. Significantly it need much time to browse the web to get possible topics and to examine all possible results that will be relevant to the research topic. Within the time limit provided, searching for papers, analysing, finalizing content and preparations requires enormous time than planned Vital significantly features the following research proposal writing service: • Ensuring to follow the proposal structure recommended by the university where the scholar has registered. • Presents a proper introduction to your proposed study and review the literature exactly. • Strong conceptual background, is analyzed and clarifies the research objectives and highlights. • Given word limits has to be provided & checks grammar, spellings, punctuations, styles, and the overall use of language • Check the research proposal repeatedly to terminate each error of language or format that may exist in the document. Our technical writers are experts in presenting the best research proposal and there are zero chances of its rejection. We only deliver a zero-language/format error document to you. Key (Specific) Features Vital provides specific features as: 1. Fund Proposal 2. Doc 3. Ms 4. Conference

Problem Identification

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION - NOVEL CONCEPT FINALISATION (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, GUIDANCE) Research problem identification can be simply described as an issue currently existing which needs to be addressed. Provides the context for the research study and generates the questions in, which the research aims to answer. The problem identification presents • The nature and the scope of the problem investigated. • Motivations of the research. • State the goal/objectives and method of the investigation. Identifying the problem mentioned in the literature review is an important task. Our technical research team clearly plots the problem in the literature review provided. Then our technical research team figures out an exact solution to overcome the problem mentioned and defines it out. Vital significantly features the research problem identification carried out: By describing the solution to overcome the problem in literature review, methods to be used in problem solving and the ways to increase the performance of the output , which is referred as new concept of a paper.

Research Methodology

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & RESULTS FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) Research methodology section includes the sections described below; Motivation Motivation in research methodology refers to why the research scholar is motivated to propose a new method, even after the existence of many methods for the particular field. Definition To define the new method or techniques proposed, to bring betterment in the particular field. Proposed Concept A new method is proposed with detail clarification. By using the proposed methodology definition the existing methods drawbacks are trounced. An apparent analysis of the drawbacks in the particular field so far is described. For instance the field image processing, the datas collected earlier etc.. The research scholar distinctly describes about the drawbacks so far in the particular field. Vital significantly features the research methodology; As a new method or technique, to bring betterment or higher performance value in the particular field.The research methodology is given with a block diagram, and then each block of the block diagram is elucidated for good understanding. Similarly mathematical expressions used in the paper are illustrated under this heading. Each variable used in a mathematical expression is well-defined. Vital technical experts finally justifies the better usage of the proposed method than the existing method. Result findings & Recommendation includes the platform used in the paper i.e. the software such as Java or Matlab or VLSI used to develop the proposed method and its particular version. The parameters obtained by the proposed method are compared with the existing method’s parameters and an apparent description is given. Then the values obtained by each parameter are drawn as tables or graphs, for better understanding. Importantly the value achieved by the proposed methodology has to be proved to be a better value than the existing values.

Literature Review

RESEARCH LITERATURE REVIEW WRITING (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) Under literature survey or related works, eight to fifteen papers are searched based on the base paper provided. Importantly papers used in related works/literature survey mustn’t be used in any other part/section of the paper. The reason for a literature review is to analyze your educational sources, assess and examine them, reach determinations and distinguish any learning gaps.Then the methods used in each paper and its achievements are mentioned. Similarly the advantages and disadvantages of each paper added to related works/literature survey is also revealed. The most difficult task under literature review is searching and getting review papers of recent years. Getting research papers based on the scholar’s research is the very hard at time, finding out minimum papers would be difficult at times. Vital have an extensive group of expert writers, with specialists in every single academic discipline, so you can be certain the author we assign out to your writing will have the experience and academic capabilities for your subject and that their work will be of the most noteworthy standard.

Simulink Implementation

MATLAB NS2 NS3 SIMULINK IMPLEMENTATION (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) Most of the universities and colleges don’t support the scholars with the softwares required for research and the installation process of the softwares. Similarly installing OS, Linux and other platforms is a big hurdle in most of the universities. Cost of purchasing softwares with license is too expensive, which is also problematic to scholars. This requires to comprehend both programming skill and installation, bug fixing work, spending all the scholar's precious time to get the desired research outputs. Vital support with programming tools for influence systems providing functional translation of abstract designs and usability principles into an executable form. These tools provide different levels of services from the research programmer. We offer PhD research assistance and guidance for Research Matlab, Ns2, Ns3. We implement; • MATLAB Implementation, • Simulink Implementation, • Xilinx Implementation, • NS2 Implementation, • JAVA Implementation, • Advanced Statistical Analysis, • Data Analysis.

White Paper Writing

WHITE PAPER WRITING (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) White paper guidance assurance is defined to possess the below ; • Have a topic current updates, • Be illustrative and professional, • Prepare a great intro, • Emphasize the value of your writing, • Proofread and finalization. Writing or presenting white paper guidance is one of the hardest task. To make a record as to be viewed as the impressive paper on the subject. This requires to comprehend both knowledge and a lot of research work spending all the scholar's precious time and a great understanding into the specific subject and the capabilities. We offer PhD research assistance and guidance for White Paper Writing Vital with dedicated, technical readers & writers would assist the research scholar from topic selection to documenting the work. Vital also delivers a flawless white paper which will be free from all sorts of plagiarism.

Journal Publication Assurance

JOURNAL PUBLICATION ASSURANCE (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) Publication may be a precise service that prompts a good arrangement of support offerings. Completing as per the rules outlined by the target journal is the most difficult part of the research. On time submission, revision, grammar errors, plagiarism etc.. are the biggest problematic area. Hence with an experienced team of editors, having knowledge in assorted subject spaces, Vital tend to contribute to the targeted journal articles and manuscripts. We offer PhD research assistance and guidance for Journal Publications; • Significantly guiding Ph.D Scholars on time. • Targeted to provide Customer Satisfaction. • Plagiarism free content-assured. • Publications in IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, ACM and Conference papers. • Free limited Revision. • We have set a proved track counts for; Impact Factor-8.050, Total Publication-5561, SCI Count-857, Satisfied Scholars-5012.


RESEARCH DISSERTATION & THESIS WRITING (PHD RESEARCH ASSISTANCE GUIDANCE) Thesis writing is a enclosed piece of work, which sets out the specific problem the scholar has worked on. Thesis guidance explains and simulates the problem with the analysis of existing ideas or concept to the problem and recognizes through basic analysis to give a clear cut hypothesis and a clear gap for understandable novel academic contribution Writing or presenting out the doctoral thesis is a daunting task. To make a record as to be viewed as the astonishing paper on the subject. This requires to comprehend both knowledge and a lot of research work spending all the scholar's precious time and a great understanding into the specific subject and the capabilities. We offer PhD research assistance and guidance for Research Dissertation; Vital with dedicated, technical readers & writers would assist the research scholar in concept reading, in documenting the thesis work, and journal publications. Vital also delivers a flawless dissertation paper which will be free from all sorts of plagiarism.
Our technical writers are well versed in English, who are specialized in scientific & technical writing, who would check for the thought flow, clarity & accuracy in the usage of appropriate grammatical language. +Based on the presentation, the Vital team makes suggestions in order to make the content coherent, comprehensible and correct to the core. We also offer PhD research assistance and guidance for Research Thesis and Writing Services; Manuscript preparation starts with the submission of a Proposal, once the proposal is confirmed, then begins the Literature Review, continued by Proposed Methodology and then completed with Results and Discussion part.. OTHER SERVICES We offer PhD research assistance and guidance for other Services such as; • Anonymous Peer Review Process, • English Language Correction, • Technical Language Correction, • Formatting and Proofreading Services, • Scientific or Mathematical Formula Editing Services, • Plagiarism Correction. OTHER TOOLS AND DATA SETS • Weka • SPSS • Ns2, Ns3 • Matlab, Simulink • (Grid - Colud tools)